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The numbers in Dry Ice blasting for cleaning molds

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Dry ice blasting is the ideal tool for maintaining performance and longevity of your injection mold production lines; removes silicone and rubber as well as dyes, paints and other dirt from injection molds and production lines.

Here is an outline of the benefits of the technology;

No wetness:

Dry Ice sublimes as carbon dioxide gas into the atmosphere. There are no waste water or other contaminated abrasives remaining. The dirt falls to the floor and can be vacuumed or swept away easily.

a very short machine downtime and no corrosion of the material.

No wear or erosion:

Dry ice pellets are non-abrasive, due to this machines and tools will not be damaged by dry ice blasting.

No disassembly of machinery:

The cleaning can be done when the components are mounted on the machine(Cleaning in place). There is no need for disassembling the contaminated parts. Because of lower machine downtime and less production downtime there is a big economical advantage.

No chemicals, no blasting abrasives (e.g. corundum, sand,..), no waste water:

The is no blasting abrasive remaining. Due to this there is no contamination of mechanics, sealings etc. There are no costs for disposal for toxic or harmful chemicals, solvents or other abrasives. Dry ice blasting is environmentally friendly, safe and economical – even in areas where cleaning with water or sand is prohibited by public authorities.

Less labor costs:

The labour input for cleaning and maintenance of assembly lines or other machinery can be reduced dramatically by using dry ice cleaning. Especially when traditional cleaning methods need a lot of preparation and post processing

When do you do dry ice blasting;

Dry ice blasting is useful when conventional cleaning methods leads to an enormous additional effort.

If cleaning with water, chemicals, solvents or other blasting methods is prohibited by local authorities in most cases dry ice blasting is the only alternative cleaning method.

Dry ice blasting has a lot of advantages especially in areas of machinery cleaning, building maintenance or restoration. A lot of cleaning tasks can be done by using for example water (high pressure or ultra high pressure). The consequence are high machine downtime which results in a huge economically loss.

Machine downtime results in:

- disassembly

- transportation of the cleaning objects

- the cleaning process

- drying / cleaning

- transportation back to manufacturing plant

- mounting back on the machine

Dry ice blasting can be done directly in mounted conditions. The machine downtime can be reduced dramatically.

Cost comparison example:Tire molds cleaning

Dry ice blasting is unlike conventional cleaning methods that are both – time consuming and harmful to the mold and the environment. Traditional mold cleaning methods also increase down-time and limit productivity as follows:

- Wait for mold to cool down

- Remove mold from the press

- Transport mold to the cleaning area

- Clean mold with grit blast, bead blast, etc.

- Remove particles from intricate cavities and grooves

- Reinstall mold into press

- Ensure correct alignment

- Bring mold to correct temperature

- Produce product

- Dispose of contaminated waste

Removing and reinstalling the mold may lead to tool wear as well as risk damage to the tool during out-off-press handling.In addition, grit blasting is abrasive and causes round corners, opens tolerances and roughen the finish of the mold.

Dry ice blasting eliminates these sources of mold and tool damage!

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1 Comment

Frank Bohm
Frank Bohm
May 12, 2023


As a previous mechanical engineer in molding and stamping of fine electrical components and medical components this is an amazing cleaning device. Bravo!

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