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The KM 70/30 C design is based on the successful KM 70/20 C. The main roller brush and side brush are electrically driven, making sweeping corners very simple. The push handle adjusts to 3 different positions and folds for easy storage. The main roller brush and side brush are also height adjustable, making them adaptive to different surfaces. The 12V battery and corresponding charger are located onboard for convenience.


Fine dust vacuuming (Adv version only)

  • Electric suction fan for removing fine dust from the waste container.
  • Can be switched off for sweeping wet floors.

KM 70/30 C Bp Pack Adv

    • One (1) KM 70/30 C BP PACK ADV Walk-Behind Sweeper with Dust Control
    • One (1) Fine dust filter
    • One (1) Adjustable roller brush
    • One (1) Foldable side brush
    • One (1) Fold-down push handle
    • One (1) battery
    • One (1) charger
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