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The KM 85/50 R Bp is a battery-powered ride-on sweeper perfect for congested areas. Its compact design and high maneuverability make cleaning faster than ever in confined spaces, narrow corridors and around sharp corners.

The KM 85/50 R Bp is extremely easy to operate and maintain, and boasts impressive area performance outdoors, making it a versatile and efficient entry-level choice for ride-on sweepers.


  • 2 tanks with handle grips and transport wheels for easy disposal.
  • Smooth edges around waste container prevents residue
  • Polyester flat pleated filter
  • Effective filter cleaning with dual scraper
  • Easy, tool-free seat adjustment for operator comfort
  • Adjustable rotation speed depending on type and amount of dirt, reducing dust turbulence
  • Drives through door openings as narrow as 36" and maneuvers turns in aisles as narrow as 78"
  • Versatile and practical storage area for other cleaning utensils such as brushes and cloths

KM 85/50 R Bp AGM

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