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KM 90/60 R BP Advanced (215 AH) Rider Sweeper

This Karcher KM 90/60 R BP Advanced (215 AH) Sweeper (9.841-246.0) makes easy work of tough cleaning tasks. It's equipped with a robust, compact design with a convenient pick-up area that lets you carry various accessories, like a canister or cleaning attachments, with you while you clean. Built to last, it's easy to maneuver while all controls are clearly arranged and easy to access. Plus, it's compact filter boasts an impressively long service life.

  • Robust, compact design with pick-up area
  • Built to last, highly reliable
  • Superior safety and maneuverability
  • Spare canister or manual cleaning attachments can be securely fixed on-board
  • EASY-Operation concept
  • All controls are clearly arranged and easy to access
  • Tact: the fully automatic, continuous filter cleaning
  • Highly effective filter cleaning for continuous dust-free operation
  • Compact filter size with long service life
  • Easy access to the filter
  • Home base for greater flexibility
  • Different practical connections for other accessories

KM 90/60 R Bp Adv + 215 Wet

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