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NANO D1 Series heatless desiccant dryer with pre & after filters – 24 cfm @ 100 psi ½” fitting. Corrected flow for 150 psi – 33 cfm


Patented combined filter & desiccant cartridges

  • Built in inlet water separator (D1 only) eliminates the cost and pressure drop of installing a separate inlet filter in small oil-free compressor applications*
  • Desiccant and outlet filtration are integrated into a single cartridge (eliminates the cost and pressure drop of installing separate filters)
  • High density filled desiccant provides maximum adsorption capacity
  • Easy to replace cartridges simplify maintenance requirements

PLC controlled operation

  • The dryer is operated by a robust and reliable PLC control system offering valuable features including ‘power on’, ‘hours run’ and ‘service required’ indicators
  • Memory retention built into the PLC enables the controller to pick up where it left off in the drying cycle, ensuring consistently clean and dry air downstream
  • Compressor synchronization is a standard energy saving feature which starts and stops the dryer with a signal from the compressor or point-of-use equipment to eliminate purge loss when drying is not required

 Energy saving dew point control option

  • With this option, a dew point sensor is incorporated into the dryer providing the ultimate in energy savings
  • The outlet dew point is constantly monitored allowing the cycle time to be adjusted depending on the actual moisture load - saving valuable purge air
  • Dew point is conveniently displayed on the PLC
  • The -ES option reduces valve actuation increasing service life and includes an extended 5-year valve warranty

Floor or wall installation

  • Can be floor or wall mounted - simply by rotating the feet 90°

Optimum dew point performance

  • Dryers are provided as standard set for a -40°F dew point. Optional dew points from -4°F to -94°F are available
  • Air velocity and, therefore, air to desiccant contact time, is carefully controlled via a pressure maintaining device to ensure optimum dew point performance

Constant flow and pressure

  • Pressure is equalized before switching columns to ensure uninterrupted compressed air and consistent air pressure. Equalization also ensures long desiccant life due to minimized desiccant attrition

 Reliable high performance valves

  • The NDL 010 to 050 use ball valves and two pilot operated solenoid valves for proven performance and reliability


D-Series 1 Technical Specifications
Model Number  NDL-050-F




Rated Inlet flow in SCFM                            30
Rated outlet flow in SCFM                         25
Air loss for regeneration in SCFM/%     5/16%
Inlet / Outlet connections                         1/2 PTC
Power Supply                                                 100-240VAC / 50-60Hz
Design Min. working pressure                 58 psig
Design Max. working pressure                232 psig
Design Min. inlet temperature                34.7 F
Design Max. inlet temperature               122oF
Dewpoint Achieved (Degrees F.)           -40
Residual moisture (grains/cuft H2O)   0.0521
ISO Air Quality Class (Water Content) Class 2



Weights & Dimensions (per dryer/bank)
Dimension A in Inches                                 47
Dimension B in Inches                                 10
Dimension C in Inches                                   7
Weight in Lbs.                                                  56


Nano Desiccant Air Dryer NDL 050 F

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